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This painting was a prize in a charity raffle. The raffle finished on the 30/10/22. 20% of proceeds went to the Scottish Association for Mental Health.     


If you are interested in commissioning a similar painting, you can find out more by clicking the following link.





I started this painting on my 29th birthday. 

At the time it was the biggest painting I had embarked upon.  It took me roughly 4 months to complete. It was four months of adding layers, waiting for oil paint to dry, adding varnish, getting it framed and signed. 


It was the first painting that I truely felt that I was fully expressing myself without holding back, hence the name Untamed Sky.  I expressed myself through the use of big sweeping brushstrokes in the sky.  I used a combination of paintbrushes and also palette knife to create this painting. 


It comes framed, ready to hang.  39w x 31h inches. It is also a box canvas so will sit prominently off the wall. 

Untamed Sky**SOLD**

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