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I work with clients to create something completely unique and personal.  Below you can see some of the projects I have worked on and the stories behind them. Each project represents a memory for the client, whether it be a person, place, time or feeling.   


One of my goals is to make original artwork accessible to all no matter the budget. As each project is completely unique and everybody has a different financial situation I'm very happy to negotiate a price that is fair for both the client and myself.  If you'd like to commission a one off piece send an e-mail with your idea and a rough budget to and I will get back to you. 



This triptych was completed at the beginning of 2022 and fits really well in this space. The clients requested a statement piece containing a sky, mountains and water with blues and oranges. They were left money by a grandparent and wanted to have something created that would be a fitting reminder for all of the memories that a treasured loved one brings. Although this painting is not of a specific place, the clients were drawn in by the colours and movement, as well as the family connection that this triptych now represents. 


Before completing two murals at the start of 2023 this was my biggest commission. It measures 100x150cm and is just about the biggest painting I can currently deliver in my car. The client wanted a piece that would fit the colour scheme of the room. Before starting the painting I visited the house to get a feel of the space and to see what colours were already in the room. The commission tells the story of an annual trip to Nairn in the north of Scotland which my client has been going on for forty years.  

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