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2022, Part 1.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

I remember starting a blog about my art a few years ago. A new Star Wars film had just come out and I had titled the first blog post 'The Next Chapter' or perhaps it was a 'New Episode'. I really can't remember the specifics of the post but I didn't keep it on the website for long. Sometimes I feel as if I make a lot of claims about what I am going to do and then things seem to fizzle out and I start a fresh with a new hope and new ideas. Despite new ideas and a different outlook, some things never change with the Star Wars puns. Did you spot it?

To me the feeling of things fizzling out and not taking action on ideas that I have seems like a failure. I fixate on the things that I have not done rather than all the things that I have accomplished. I have been known to be rather harsh on myself. It's time I changed my perspective on this. I am always going to have more ideas than I can handle at once. I will focus on the ideas that resonate with me the most and feel right for me to pursue. There may be a different time or place for the other ideas in the future!

I mentioned that I tend not to focus on the things that I have accomplished or done as much as I should do. I am depriving myself of valuable celebrations! Despite feeling like I haven't done enough in 2022 there's still a lot that I have managed to do. In a previous chapter (or episode) of my life I was a full time French teacher with art more on the side and less prominent. This year I took the decision to switch that dynamic. I now do supply teaching which has allowed me to give more importance to my artwork and keep me self-funded. I often take onboard other people's fears and thoughts as my own so to make the move in the first place is a big deal for me! It's also allowed me time to tackle some of the ideas that I have had collecting dust. One such an idea is to do an expressionist painting for each of the important people in my life. I have completed one of these so far. It's called 'The Thinker' (see below left). I want to explore how I relate to people through art. I have already started to learn things about myself and with a new hope, will continue this process during the rest of this year.

Since changing my working dynamic I have also been fortunate enough to have three commissions and make around fifteen sales this year. The sales have been a combination of originals and prints. You can see what else I have for sale here :

This year I have also exhibited at Firefly Design in Bo'ness as well as being part of the Flow Exhibition in Mill Street Gallery in Bideford. I have also applied to a few art competitions. I have heard back from one although I was not selected this time.

I am really not sure what 2022, part 2 will bring. I have a canvas where I write down all of my ideas so I will continue to pursue these. I will also continue to use art as a way to express my feelings, whilst sharing the process through my social media channels as much as I feel is right. It's difficult to get the balance right without overdoing it and allowing my energy to fizzle out. If it does, I will try my best to change my mindset on this as I wrote above. Also, everything in life goes in cycles. All you need to do is observe the nature around us in the UK. What part of your life are you on just now? I feel like I have parts of my life that aren't finished yet, things I need to revisit and parts that are ever-changing. This blog post will be a reminder to me to focus on what I do achieve and accomplish. If there are things you have done this year without really recognising them, make sure you do!

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