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What's next for 2022?

In my previous blog post I mentioned that I wasn't sure which direction my art would take for the remainder of 2022. When I wrote that post, things felt a little uncertain and unsure on my part, I did however say that I would pursue things that resonated with me the most. I'm going to use this blog post as a chance to organise my thoughts and plan my next steps.

Going forward, I do want to create artwork that makes people stop and think, artwork that can be interpreted differently and generate discussion. I also want to create art that I can use to question myself and question the ways I do things. If someone were to ask me what I wanted from my art, my 'current' response on the 9th of June 2022 would be to say : recreate the human experience on canvas. I've always said that there are so many ways to see and experience the world. I can therefore only do this from my perspective, from what I see, hear feel and question.

I will continue to create expressionist paintings for all the people that have impacted my life. I'm currently half way through the second one at the moment (see left). I have used a 'test' print of the I'm Still Here painting as a collage in this one. I love re-using and re-purposing my work in this way. For me, it adds continuity and binds it all together.

To create the human experience from my perspective within paintings will include the use of words in French, Spanish and English to reflect the opportunities I have had the fortune of experiencing. It will also include things that I have said, things that have been said to me and also things that I have left unsaid. I also want to explore using and making my own symbols, look at stereotypes and explore mental health through art.

It can however be difficult for me to predict what I will create as I often create as an emotional response to a life event or situation I find myself in. I also want to create work in response to my recent trips to Paris and Shetland. I will continue to update my portfolio and shop. If there's any project or painting you can envisage for your home, workplace or community I'm happy to talk commissions. That's all for now.


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